how to cut cat's nails

how to cut cat's nails - One of the right ways for us to be safe when playing with cats is of course by maintaining the health and cleanliness of the cat itself.

One thing we need to pay attention to is the cat's nails. Cat nails are naturally long and sharp considering cats are predatory animals. Nails are a cat's weapon in capturing prey like mice or small birds.

how to cut cat's nails
Cat's Claw, Src:

When playing with your favorite cats, they in general will not use their claws seriously to you. But sometimes cats accidentally injure you with their nails, leaving a scratch on your skin.

This can be dangerous if your cat's nails are dirty. Bacteria in it will infect you through claw wounds from your favorite cat. If that happens, just go wash that scratch with clean water then apply antibiotic on it.

For this reason, the cleanliness of your cat's nails needs to be maintained. One of them is by cutting their nails regularly.
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Domesticated cat's nails do not need to be sharp because they do not live in the wild and do not really use them for hunting food because every day we feed them with cat's food. So that's okay for us to cut their nails. It wont really hurt their pride tho :)

Then how to cut your cat's nails properly and correctly? Please see the following steps.

how to cut cat's nails step by step

First prepare one of the following cat nail cutters

  • guillotine type
  • scissors cut
  • standard human fingernail clipper


  1. You need to do this slowly, do not force your cat because the cat will be stressed and rebellious.
  2. Hold the cat slowly and place it on your lap facing away from you. use your forearms draped over the cat's neck and hind-end to keep the cat in your lap.
  3. Take one of cat toes in your hand, massage and press the pad until the nail extends. Begin to cut your cat's nails one by one starting from the front foot or whichever makes you comfortable.
  4. Cut the cat's nails on the edge only, don't ever cut the quick area because that area is sensitive, has blood supply and many nerves. It easy to notice that area because most cats have light colored nails.
  5. If you can't cut their nails in one day, continue on the next day. Remember never to force your cat.
  6. If you have trouble doing it yourself, please ask for help from your family member or partner, one who holds the cat and the other who cuts the nail.
  7. If you still can not do it by yourself, just take them to the vet or cat groomer.

how to cut cat's nails
part that should be cut

It is very important to keep your cat's nails from being too sharp so that you and your family, especially kids, can safely play with your favorite cat.