Do Cats Really Have 9 Lives?

Do Cat Have 9 Lives
Do Cat Really Have 9 Lives?

I'm pretty sure that you have heard someone say that cat have 9 lives. But is true? do cat really have nine lives?. Where do the idea come from, saying that cat have 9 lives?

"An old English proverb states" A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays". This could be where the myth that cats have nine lives came from- though the proverb is not thought to be meant in seriousness. It's a statement about the hardy nature of cats and the fact that they give the most love when they are old- too old to chase mice and run away!

In ancient Egypt sun god, Atum-Ra, was believed to take the form of a cat on visits to the underworld.Legend has it that Atum-Ra gave birth to eight other gods and thus represented nine lives in one. This is probably where its nine lives began.

Others believe the number may have come from China, where the number nine is considered lucky. The number nine  sometimes called "the trinity of trinities" is also believed to be mystical in many religions and regions around the world.
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Cats are really lucky animal. They fall from high tree, house and they still okay, they cross the street without getting hit?. They survive even from flood and earthquake. That's why people really believe that cat have 9 lives.

I have seen a video where  a black cat survives from a collapsed building. After the buildings collapsed, that black cat walked out from that building's smoke and dust like nothing terrible really happened. that's because of cat's unusual agility, flexibility and righting reflex. This is all thanks to a cat’s anatomy:
  • They have a large surface area compared to their weight – reducing the force of landing 
  • Cats have evolved to live in trees and therefore have adapted to conquer falls 
  • Their ‘righting reflex’ enables them to twist their bodies and land safely on their feet 
  • Cats have flexibility in their bones and ligaments, which help them to sustain minimal injury from many different accident

Do Cat Really Have 9 Lives?

So do cat really have 9 lives? the answer is nope, it's just a myth. Cat don't have 9, 7 or even 2 lives. They like another animals, have a single life. Not every cat that crosses the street will survive. Some of them will get hit and die or badly injured then die. Not every cat will survive from flood and earthquake. So if you find your cat in danger situation you better save them quickly instead of just stand watching them because you believe that they will be ok.